ford parts warranty

MOT Insurance will cover you to pass your test

In case of MOT failure your MOT insurance will cover you for the replacement parts and fittings of items required to pass your MOT.

You must pay the first £25.00 of each and every claim. Parts covered under the MOT test certificate are listed below.

Lighting Equipment

Lighting Equipment cover includes:

  • headlights (exluding Xenon lights and bulbs)
  • front and rear side lights
  • number plate illumination light
  • stop light
  • rear reflectors
  • rear fog light
  • hazard warning lights and controls
  • direction indicator control
  • fog light on/off indicator
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    Suspension and steering

    Suspension and Steering cover includes:

  • steering control
  • steering mechanism and system
  • power steering
  • transmission shafts
  • wheel bearings
  • front and rear suspension
  • drag links
  • track rod ends
  • steering control
  • suspension springs
  • wishbones
  • swivel joints
  • suspension mountings

  • Brakes

    Brake cover includes:

  • master cylinder
  • wheel cylinders
  • brake calipers
  • discs/drums (excluding wear)
  • load compensator valve
  • ABS modulator | sensors | ECU
  • brake pipes/hoses/cables (excluding corroded pipes)
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    Seat belts

    Seat belt cover includes:

  • all seat belts, condition and operation

  • General

    General cover includes:

  • fuel injection ECU or sensor replacement required as a result of calibration failure to meet MOT exhaust gas emission standards
  • horn
  • speedometer and speed limiter
  • windscreen wipers and washers (excluding wiper blades and rubbers)

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    MOT Test Warranty general exclusions

    The cost of the following:

  • the cost of the MOT test and retest
  • accident or structural damage, rust or corrosion
  • windscreen
  • exhaust system and catalytic converter
  • engine tuning or adjustment
  • wheel alignment
  • brake friction material where the condition relates to wear and tear
  • general wear and tear items