What is included? - AA Roadside Assistance

AA Roadside Assistance is available if the vehicle is immobilised on the highway more than a quarter of a mile from the authorised driver's home address following a breakdown incident to the vehicle. We will seek to effect a roadside repair if, in the reasonable opinion of the patrol or appointed service producer, this can be achieved within a reasonable time.

Other options

In the event that a patrol or appointed service provider cannot fix the vehicle within a reasonable time, it may be taken to the nearest authorised repairer or, alternatively, to a local destination of the authorised driver's choice, although a charge will be payable for taking the vehicle and passengers to an alternative destination.

If we do not provide either of the above, we will attempt to provide information as to the location of the nearest authorised repairer.

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What is included? - AA At Home

AA At Home provides assistance when the vehicle is immobilised following a breakdown incident at or within a quarter of a mile (1/4m) of the authorised driver's home address.

Where a prompt local repair is not possible, we may recover the vehicle to the nearest authorised repairer or, at an additional charge, another location of the authorised driver's choice. It is then the authorised driver's responsibility to instruct the repairer to make any repairs required. Any contract for repair will be between the authorised driver and the repairer, and it is the authorised driver's responsibility to pay them. We do not guarantee that any recovery to an appropriate local repairer will be within the opening hours of the repairer or that the repairer will be immediately available to undertake any required repair.